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Join Us in Fall or Spring for Recruitment! Open to All Majors
Image by Jaime Casap

Recruitment at AKPsi runs twice yearly, at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. During the first week or two of classes, look for brothers tabling in Sennott Square and other main areas to get specific information on recruitment activities that are happening that year. 


Following that will come a week of recruitment events which you are free to attend. There you will get a chance to meet some AKPsi brothers, work on your resume, and other fun events. All these recruitment events are open to all majors and years, as is our fraternity! 

If selected to move forward into the Bridge to Brotherhood process, you can expect that to last the majority of the semester and require about as much effort as a three-credit college course. Most of this will revolve around developing professionally and building valuable networking skills. You'll also get valuable tips from current brothers as well as alumni!

Watch this Semesters Recruitment Video

Join us for recruitment this semester! Check our our social media accounts to learn more about our brotherhood, professional accomplishments, and events!

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